Brief scare

I’ve been working a lot lately. Thursday was a day I would’ve much rather been on the bike. When I got home from work, I calculated that I had just enough time before dinner to take a quick lap around the nearby Wachusett Reservoir. So I geared up and went out to my bike, which one of my neighbors graciously allows me to park in his carport next to his bike.

My helmet was gone.

Last fall I got an excellent deal on a Nolan modular helmet at MotoMarket. It was the last one they had in an unusually small size. I have an unusually small head, it was a perfect fit, and it was half price – a very significant discount for that expensive of a helmet.  So I bought it and have loved it ever since. The community I live in is very safe. Everyone knows everyone, we watch out for each other – when I say “community,” I really mean it in the true sense of the word, not just a bunch of plywood palaces thrown on what used to be some farmer’s land. I seriously doubt anyone who lives there would steal my helmet, unless some kid either took it as a prank, or simply not knowing it was wrong. Regardless, it was gone, and I was unhappy.

I went and retrieved my old helmet, which was still in my car from the last autocross I drove. It’s a not very old KBC full face that has definitely seen better days.  It’s never been crashed, but it’s been used a lot both on the bike and at the various car racing events I do. It’s been relegated to the car events only, since it has the required Snell approval. I put on my tinted face shield, put it on, and took my ride anyway.

Then I noticed everything about the old helmet that wasn’t as good as the Nolan. I had to take my glasses off to put it on or take it off. Threading the strap through the D-rings was more difficult than the simple latch on the Nolan, and I couldn’t do it with gloves on. Wind noise was louder. There was a lot of glare on the face shield. These thoughts bothered me for my entire ride as I plotted to first send a “Have you seen my helmet?” note to the community email lists, and if nothing turned up, report my stolen helmet to the police. Not that I’d ever see it again, but it should at least be on record.

I got home, and took one last look around the carport for my helmet. I didn’t really want to look in the cabinets on the wall (hmm, was this one here last time?) but I did anyway.

And there was my helmet, neatly put away in the cabinet.

It turns out they DID install a new cabinet on the wall that I hadn’t noticed. It was a leftover they had picked up for free, and put it in the carport specifically for helmets and other bike related items. My neighbor had helpfully put my helmet inside, and gave me a bit of a fright in the process!

All’s well that ends well. And now I won’t have to brush the pollen off my helmet every time I go to take a ride. Out of sight, out of mind – and reducing the already low chance that it might actually get stolen.

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