First overnight planned

I booked a bed at the White Mountains Hostel for Sunday, June 10, as a place to sleep near Mt. Washington the night before I ride it. I’ll have to pack heavy, since there are wild weather changes between the top and bottom. But packing layers plus clothes for an overnight should work fine, and give me low consequence practice for future trips. Worst case, if I forget something, I’m only without it for a day.

This gives me a goal to finish a few small projects. I want a camera mount for the trip up the mountain, and I should still have the RAM Mount bits I never used in my Miata. Also, my TinyTrak3+ has arrived. I’m gathering cables and adapters to program it (who uses a DB9 anymore?!) but once programmed it’ll run automatically when the bike’s ignition is on. I’ll post a link to the web site where you can literally follow KJ1H-9 once it’s working. No ham license required. You’re just browsing the web – I’m the one transmitting on ham frequencies, which I can do. It’ll show you a nice map of where I am and have been, in real time.

I’m pondering what weekend to do my VT trip. I can’t go until at least late June since the hostel is booked until then. Between various non-motorcycle related activities (really, I have some), my weekends are filling up fast, and unless I wait till the end of July it’s going to butt up against another full weekend. I don’t want to run myself ragged, but I also want to take the trip, see how it goes, and then ponder more trips for later this year. I’ll just have to figure out which weekend, then book a bed.

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