More tripping ideas

Unfortunately the hostel in Vermont I want to check out appears to be booked through late June. Not a show stopper, but later than I’d hoped. Still, the place itself has become one of the things I really want to check out on this trip, so I’ll suck it up about the delay. And book a couple of nights there sooner rather than later to avoid further delays.

While looking for something else to do before then, I noticed that the Mt. Washington Auto Road is closed to cars but open to motorcycles only on June 11 and 14. Hmm! I’ve never been up there, and I’ve enjoyed other mountaintop rides like Cadillac Mountain (which doesn’t compare, I know). The 11th is a Monday, which is easier for me to take off from work than a Thursday. It’s a long trip to go up and back in one day, but there’s a hostel with availability in Conway the night before, so I may make it an overnight with a meandering route through NH on Sunday. It’ll have to meander a lot if I’m going to get around the major cities between here and there. Could be a good warmup for the Vermont trip, especially considering I’ll have to pack far more clothes than usual to handle the temperature changes up the mountain!

I should have my APRS transmitter working by then, so people can follow my progress up the mountain. I’ll also have to play a bit of radio from the summit to see just how far my 5 watt signal can go from up there.

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