Vermont, here I come

I booked a bed at Hostel Tevere for July 6-8, Friday through Sunday. It’s the weekend before the New England Forest Rally, but it seems the best compromise of timing for me to get it done and not run myself too ragged too many weekends in a row. Now, once I’m through the pile of work I’m wading through right now, I can start making plans for it.

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2 thoughts on “Vermont, here I come

  1. allison

    I just spent a good part of this weekend in VT (for a wedding) There are some awesome roads around the Manchester VT area. I did about 180 miles of random driving besides the 200 mile ride up. We made a trip up Mt Equinox, Well worth it. It was hard on the car, I had to pull into rest areas twice on the way up to let it cool down. I was glad of the new brakes and flush on the way down, i think the brakes are bedded in nicely now 🙂 I wish I had a tracker for all the back roads we took, it would look like something out of Family Circus. We found a random odd thing along the road, a giant flat rock that someone had built chairs around and put cut logs as plates on it.

    • Justin Hughes

      Wow, it looks like you are what’s for dinner!

      I’ve had it in mind to hit Equinox and/or Ascutney, depending on where my travels take me. They have hillclimb events up those mountains, so they must be fun! Thanks for the tips. I’ll keep them in mind as I work out the specifics of my trip.

      For a tracker, check out the TinyTrak3+. Get a cable for your TM-G707A and you’ll be on APRS.

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