The Long Way To Conway

I’m typing this on my iPhone from the White Mountain Hostel. To spoil everything, today went exactly according to plan, and the weather was perfect.

I meandered back roads from home up through Townsend, MA and into NH this morning. It seems that the secondary highways of NH are quite similar to the lakes – rough and choppy. That analogy also extends to the resulting loss of control and speed. I had to let some air out of my shocks to help cushion the bumps a bit. This helped, but the roads still beat me up a bit.


I stopped for lunch with this fine looking fellow at the Flying Goose Brew Pub and Grille. Brew pubs typically have yummy food, which is why I stopped there, though I must admit to having taken a small taste of the Berliner Wiess – appropriate because I live in Berlin, MA.


The roads got more interesting the further north I went. I joined the tail end of a line of four other bikes for a ride up 4A and the west side of Lake Sunapee. All afternoon there were more bikes on the road than I’ve ever seen before. No doubt it was mostly people up for bike week and out for cruises in the area. It got to a point where if I waved to other bikers like I usually do, my left hand would’ve barely touched the handlebars.


After a lot of zigging and zagging, I reached the west end of the Kancamagus Highway. This is 30+ miles through the mountains with fun twisties and beautiful scenery.


At this particular scenic stop I parked next to a Goldwing. The rider and I got talking. When he took off his jacket I noticed his ARRL Field Day t-shirt – a fellow ham radio operator, NU1H. We talked about bikes and radio until the Cessna sized black flies attacked, then went on our way.


The Kank is well known. Less known is Bear Notch Road, which connects Rt. 112 and 302. It’s less traveled, good pavement, scenic, and lots of fun. I took a detour up and down the road before continuing east on the Kank into Conway.


This covered bridge is right down the street from the White Mountain Hostel, where I’m typing this and staying tonight. I’ve been chatting with Bill as he writes in his own blog about his cross country bicycle trip. He also has a BMW touring bike, so he doesn’t blame me for my motorized assistance – much. I’ll be following his progress over the next few months.

I had dinner at a local Mexican place, which was yummy. So was an excellent porter by the Mountain Smoke House and Brewing Company. I walked to dinner, and walked back in mostly a straight line.

I’m tired, and a little beat up from the rough roads, but doing well. The great weather will continue for my trip up Mt. Washington tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to. For now, relaxing and socializing at the hostel.

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