Of course, I say the bike’s working fine, and then make modifications to it.  But these were the two I’d already planned on.

The day after I got home (of course), my new trunk arrived.  No more cargo net over the stock trunk with a missing latch.  This one is literally twice as big as the old one, and bolts on the same way.  My laptop bag fits – just – so now I can consider using my bike for commuting as well as weekend road tripping. I had to move my ham radio antenna, but I managed to find a location that worked.  It’s not perfect, in back of the trunk, and sort of gets in the way when loading or unloading, but it works for now.  I’m also considering mounting the antenna to the top of the trunk lid.  The trunk is plastic, but I’m running a half wave antenna, which doesn’t require a metal groundplane under it to work well.

Why not just take off the antenna?  Because my APRS station is now fully operational.  All it took was a replacement cable that was wired correctly.  I just reset the TinyTrak3+ to transmit every two minutes instead of 10 seconds for testing, and it’s good to go.  See for yourself here: Google Maps APRS

That link will show you my most recent location, and where I’ve been for the past hour.  Use the selections on the right of the screen to expand the time range, and you can follow my future adventures in real time to see where I am and where I’ve been.  Pretty cool.

Now all I need is the time to take a quick ride and test both of these out on the road.

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