We are go for launch!

It’s fixed!!! If it wasn’t for stupid traffic and poor phone reception I’d be picking up my bike right now. As it is, there’s no way I can get there in time, and tomorrow’s July 4th, so I’ll have to pick it up Thursday.  Though I’m only working Thursday afternoon, so I could get it in the morning, then give it a shakedown cruise to wherever I’m working.

The problem was a torn diaphragm in one of the carburetors. The tear was letting extra air through, particularly when large amounts of air were being called for (heavy throttle or high revs), leaning out the mixture and causing the stalls I was experiencing. Whether I would still be able to take my trip or not depended entirely on when the replacement part arrived.  It arrived today, and it was a quick assembly from there.

With the bike out of commission I haven’t been thinking about this weekend’s Vermont trip too much, since I had no idea until now that it was still going to happen.  I guess I should start thinking about it a bit more seriously, and get some other things done that need to be finished before I go.

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