What next?

Vermont was the first trip I planned, though the second one I actually took. Mt. Washington was planned around Motorcycles Only Day. I’ve completed both of these trips, and have nothing more planned at the moment. What next? I have a few ideas.

  • Upstate New York. Ive never ridden a motorcycle out there. The area where the Black River Stages rally took place was quite nice, and I know that much of NY is quite different than NYC’s reputation.
  • Canada. I was right there, but had decided that if I’m going to cross the border, I’m going to do it deliberately and with a plan to actually ride there. So, such a ride is a potential trip. But where? Canada is a big place. Quebec is closest, but there’s a small problem – I don’t know French. Ontario and New Brunswick are possible, but further away, which means more time getting there and less time riding there.
  • Northern Maine. It’s pretty sparsely populated up there, and feels very much like occupied Canada. Lots of quiet wide open roads, through large areas of unincorporated territories rather than towns. It’s rather flat, as I recall, and low population means fewer roads, so there may not be so many twisty bits like other places have.
  • I’d probably enjoy another trip to Vermont, or around central VT, NH, and maybe into Maine. Or some combination of any of these ideas. I need to sit down with some maps and see if any sights in particular strike my fancy.

Something else I’m starting to consider is incorporating some superslab into the beginnings and ends of my rides, mainly as a way to leave home turf and get somewhere beyond my local stomping grounds more quickly. It’s not as fun as back roads, but the point of my trips is to get out and explore new (to me) territory. There’s little point in spending a few extra hours riding local roads when that’s my goal.

It’s stuff to think about. Do you have any suggestions?

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