Hurry up and wait

After the Vermont trip, I had a flurry of work, then a car trip to Maine to work radio at the New England Forest Rally, then more work. To be honest, I haven’t even touched the bike since I got back from Vermont, other than swiping the APRS station and my GPS for the rally. Now I’m in the middle of another flurry of work, and the heat, humidity, and highway recently torn up and grooved down make me disinclined to commute on the bike just now. Maybe I can get out for a quick spin when it cools off some evening.

I have been inspired for a possible weekend trip, though – to the general area where the rally takes place. It’s based out of Sunday River, a ski resort in Maine, and the rally stages take place on private logging roads a bit to the north in Maine and New Hampshire. I wouldn’t go down these dirt roads, but while traveling to and from these stages last weekend I was reminded what a scenic area it is. It might be fun to go up on the bike and explore a bit, without the rally stuff going on. As a beneficial side effect, I’d learn the area a bit better for future rallies I attend.

It’s unlikely I’ll do this too soon. Pennsic is approaching, and that’ll take out a significant chunk of August from other activities. Maybe afterward, though. The year is only half over, and I’m not done biking yet. Far from it.

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