Time Runs Away

Wow. It’s been a month since I wrote here. There simply hasn’t been much riding going on. My non-motorcycle trip to Pennsic accounts for a bit of that time. I’ve also been working more, which has left less time for riding. Yes, I can ride to work, but when that ride is just a few towns over, then 90 minutes on trains and subways, it makes little sense. Riding gear is hot when you’re not in motion on a bike. Plus they tore up 495 between home and my frequent work destinations in the Lawrence area, which makes me less inclined to ride there. Its always a bad sign when they groove up the pavement, then paint lines on it – that means it’s going to be torn up for a while.

I have gotten a few hours in on the bike here and there over the past week though. It’s been fun. I’m still pondering where I want to go for my next weekend trip. If I’d planned better I could’ve made a Maine trip out of this past weekend, but I didn’t think of how I could do it until I was already there. I also need to start coordinating with the rest of my Black River Stages service crew on their travel plans. Maybe I’ll drive us all in my big car. Or maybe they’ll make their own way and I’ll take the bike out there. We’ll see. In that case, the rally has priority over the bike ride.

I’ve had to step away from the cliff on a couple of Goldwings I’ve seen on Craigslist. It seems certain that I want a larger bike, for touring and for my girlfriend and me to ride together. The problem with having money in the bank is it’s tempting to spend it when something nice comes along, and realizing I could get a fair chunk of it back by selling my Silverwing. But I should be smart and plan this out. I’ll probably try to buy something this winter, in the off season, then sell the Silverwing in the spring for more money. But I’m still getting tempted.

The Boxboro hamfest is this coming weekend. I may try to pick up an old 2 meter mobile rig for a more powerful APRS station. But I’m questioning whether that’s worth it or not. I’d have to modify a piece of luggage to run wires in and out of it, and I’m not 100% sure I want to.

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