Moving Up In the World

I’ll write more about it and post some pictures later, but let’s just say that I’m going to need a new photo for the top of my blog. Today I replaced the Silverwing.

My new ride is a 1998 Honda PC800, just like I was writing about in my last post. This was the last year the PC800 was made – only about 510 of them, according to Wikipedia. It has a Bill Mayer seat, ClearView windshield with adjustable vent, and a matching Givi trunk. Between that and the standard trunk, I have at least as much cargo room as a Goldwing, possibly more. It came with service records, indicating all fluids being replaced within the last 5000 miles. It’s not perfect, but it’s a 14 year old bike, not a new one, and for that it’s in great shape overall. It just needs a slipping clutch dealt with, and he knocked a chunk off his asking price to adjust for that.

So I brought it home this evening. I was following my girlfriend, who had kindly brought me to the bike and enabled this adventure. (I also wanted to test fit the two of us on the bike to make sure she would be comfortable on the back of it. She is.) As it got dark, she pulled over, inquired about dinner plans, and suggested I turn on the headlight. Um, what? Headlights are on all the time on all motorcycles made after 1980. I couldn’t get it to turn on, or the additional driving/fog light. Oh, snap. Since the sun was already down, I told her let’s go straight home, NOW, and punch it! So she did. I hung right with her, quite comfortably, going a bit faster than I otherwise would’ve on a bike I’d only just bought. But the bike really felt right to me, and I didn’t mind the speed. This bodes well for commuting, as well as road trips where I might want to take the highway to get to the general area I’m visiting quickly, then bomb the back roads once I get there.

We made it home, only a few minutes after it actually got dark. When I shut the engine off, I could hear the electric fan still cranking away. I guess I’d ridden it kind of hard on the highway! After dinner, I checked the manual (which this bike came with), found the location of the fuse box, and removed the necessary plastic covers. On this bike, step one to EVERYTHING is removing some of the plastic covers. But hey, I drove Saturns for years – I’m used to plastic. Sure enough, the headlight fuse was blown. When I replaced it, I had light again. This thing should breeze through inspection now. I can’t wait to get some more miles on it under far less hurried circumstances.

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