The End of the Season

Though we’ll probably still have a few not-too-cold days before winter settles in, it looks like my own riding season is at an end. We got our first snowfall a couple of nights ago. It’s already melting, but with the snow comes the salt and sand on the roads. That stuff doesn’t melt, and remains lurking where you least expect it long after the snow is gone. Even commuting has become impractical, with the mornings and evenings now cold and, with the time change, plunged into darkness as well.

I added marine Sta-Bil to the Silverwing’s full gas tank earlier this week and took a short cruise around the neighborhood to work it through the entire fuel system. It needed a jump start, and I think its battery is well on the way out. It’s the sort of thing I can supply for a buyer, or leave it to them to pick up and install their own. I didn’t give the Pacific Coast the Sta-Bil treatment, but given the turn of the weather I will do so this weekend.

Though riding season is over, I’m still thinking about potential trips I can take next year. I’d still like to get out to upstate NY at some point. A lap around Lake Erie has crossed my mind as a potential trip. So has a ride around New Brunswick and/or Nova Scotia. (I even have an offer of a place to stay in Halifax from someone on the IPCRC list.) Either way, I’ll probably be making some use of my passport next year and visiting the Great White North. I’ve only ever been to Canada once in my life – four days in Montreal a while back. I spent the entire time either partying or recovering from the previous party. There would be significantly less of that this time around.

I’ve also planned a route for a 400 mile day trip, including all kinds of roads including interstates. Why? To see if I can. I’m not about to go for Ironbutt or anything, but it’ll tell me whether this is a distance I can plan on for a long day of a multiday trip – maybe the first day so I can take the interstate to put down miles toward where I actually want to go riding.

For now, though, it seems my mind will be the only place I take bike trips for a while. That’s a downside of living in the snow belt. There are many, actually, but I’ll spare you my rant about winter – at least for now.

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One thought on “The End of the Season

  1. Season never ends for Bikers!

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