Last Hurrah and Thinking Ahead

Thanksgiving and the day after were a brief warm snap, with temperatures well into the 50s. My Thanksgiving plans left no time for riding, but I made it a point to get out for a cruise on Friday, despite having already treated the fuel for winter storage. I couldn’t resist one last hurrah before temperatures dipped back to the 30s during the weekend. Traffic through the several nearby towns I looped around was lighter than usual, which made the riding particularly pleasant. I didn’t want it to end, knowing that barring another unseasonably warm day, I would probably not ride again until spring. But in the end I topped off the tank with premium at BJ’s, added more marine Sta-Bil, rode the couple of miles home, and parked it with a full tank, probably for the winter.

For whatever reason, my web surfing brought me back to Bamarider’s web site. I’d bookmarked this a while back, and have referred to it extensively when planning my trips. I’m nowhere near the level of “Long Rider” that he is, but his well documented experiences are helping me get a leg up on my own touring adventures. Perhaps because my adventures are on hold the next several months, I’ve been reading his numerous trip journals, particularly ones for areas that I’m considering visiting myself. He speaks very highly of Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail, for instance, which is one of several destinations I’ve pondered for next year. He’s also enjoyed the Green and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire, which reminds me that I don’t need to travel far from home to get to a good day or two of riding. In fact I’d rather like to take the PC800 up Mt. Washington on Motorcycles Only Day next year, which I did on the Silverwing this past summer. It would be a great opportunity to compare and contrast the two bikes, and also get another sticker and sweet photo. I’m pondering other more distant destinations as well. One of my dreams since my only means of transportation was a bicycle was to take a cross country trip, and I think a motorcycle would be the best way to do it. It may not happen next year, as I’ll need to work myself up to being able to handle a trip of that length, not to mention get a chunk of time off work, but sometime.

I have plenty of time to throw these ideas around and churn them about in my head. Right now I’m in a waiting game to see what happens with my current employment situation, and that will have a profound effect on how much or little time and money I have to take these trips next year. But such thoughts can help me keep my sanity during another long New England winter.

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