I’m moving in February. I’m going from a room in a house to an apartment with my girlfriend a few towns closer to Boston.

What does this have to do with bikes? Logistics, mainly. My two bikes, currently stored in a neighbor’s carport, will need to move – in February, not exactly peak riding season. It’s time to get the trailer hitch for my car. The Silverwing will go to my friend’s shop in Keene, NH on a borrowed trailer. The PC800 will go to my new home. I may trailer it, or ride it if we get nice enough weather one day that I can arrange the one way trip. It’s not far, and can be done entirely on back roads to keep the speed, therefore windchill, down.

One motivating factor on this particular place is the parking. There are two assigned spaces – one for my car, one for hers. There’s also about half a space next to one of them, which will be perfect for my bike. It’ll be outside, so I’ll have to buy a cover. No big deal. Plus the only somewhat exposed hot metal on the bike after a ride is the muffler, and I may even be able to work around that.

I won’t be commuting on it to the train station, though. The new place is just a mile away, and as much as I can I plan to take the other bike – the one with no engine. The self propelled bike can still get me to the other job and its clients.

Moving in winter is not fun. It’s cold. Piles of snow get in the way. And random snowstorms can demolish plans to move on any particular day. But at least I won’t be losing any time for bike trips, since I’m not taking any right now. And my wallet will recover from the financial hit of moving by then.

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