Midwinter Ride

Last year I had my Silverwing off the road for the winter. My Maine registration ran out in November, and it made no sense to rush right out and register it in Massachusetts only to have it sit for several months.  So it was off the road for six months.  Those six months included the warmest winter we’ve ever had and a distinct lack of snow, which would’ve meant many opportunities to ride throughout the winter if I had the bike on the road.

No missed opportunities this year. Other than pouring marine Sta-Bil into the gas tank, the PC800 is still registered (I renewed it in December, which is the stupid month that ALL motorcycle registrations are due for renewal in Massachusetts) and insured, the battery is still in it, and it’s still ready to ride.  Today, with the temperature hitting 60, the sun out, and an unexpected day off work, although I should be cleaning and packing for my move, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of hours for a rare January ride, and my first ride of 2013.

I took advantage of the opportunity to explore some back roads between my current home and my new one, as well as the area I will be living in.  It’s so much easier to maneuver, look around, and pull over on a bike than in a car. Though I neglected to bring my GPS (I took it inside for the winter), I still found some new-to-me shortcuts to get from place to place in my new area, and also explored what’s around for stores and such. It’ll be a much shorter trip to run routine errands, maybe even not worth gearing up to take the bike. I checked out both nearby commuter rail parking lots and familiarized myself with them without the hassle of driving a big car around. Most of all I enjoyed the sun and the unseasonably warm weather. It felt like I was watching the snow melt before my eyes, and suddenly at one point the roads all changed from wet to dry at the same time when all the snow was gone.

I still managed to do a lot of the mundane stuff I was supposed to do today, but it was worth taking some time off to exercise the bike a bit.

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