Still Waiting

It’s amazing how another snowstorm or two can completely suck all the motivation out of you.  Since my last post, the bike has sat, under cover (I’m so glad I got the cover when I did), surrounded by snow.  I’m actually glad the plows don’t get closer than they do, giving the bike a respectful wide berth to avoid the risk of damage.  But it remains true that just as I was all ready to start riding regularly again, winter happened, and then it kept happening, even though it’s technically spring, but not in New England because it’s New England.

I’m trying to think of more interesting places I can travel to and visit. A web link brought me to the Grand Army of the Republic Highway across northern Pennsylvania, which looks like an interesting place to ride. From there it’s a short trip up to Erie, both the city and the lake, and then not too long of a trip to Niagra Falls. I’ve honestly never been there, and should probably see it at some point in my life. But I’m struggling with planning an equally interesting trip back across New York State.  Maybe it’s because I simply don’t know of interesting sights there.  Or maybe NY really is that boring.  I honestly don’t know.

I should also start thinking of some day or weekend trips I can take closer to home.  I’ll be able to jump into those a bit more quickly, once Old Man Winter finally realizes he’s drunk and goes home.

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