That’s more like it!

Is it sad that I ended up planning all of my weekend activities around the few hours this afternoon it got warm enough to venture out on the bike?

Anyway, I did.  It was cold, but tolerable, particularly at the lower speeds of the roads I stayed on.  Where did I go?  Well, let me know you.


APRS appears to be fully operational! Sure, there was a little bit of a dead spot as I passed through Ayer (no red dots between Harvard and Groton), but you still get the idea, and that’s what I was hoping for. Apparently all I really needed was more power, and now I have it. I’ll have to write up a post about how I did it, now that I know it works.

I’m thinking a future day trip will be to go find the other end of Route 111.  I live at one end of it. I know it goes up into New Hampshire, but I’ve never followed it too far beyond the border. Following it along a map, it would eventually take me all the way to the ocean. That sounds like a good day trip, particularly before the beachgoers invade Hampton.

Similarly, I’m pondering a Cape Cod trip, either a long day or a weekend trip, again before the tourists take over. Over 20 years ago a friend and I took a bicycle tour of the Cape. It was fun, but for various reasons we never made it all the way out to Provincetown at the tip of the Cape like we planned to.  Thinking about it, it seems like a bit of unfinished business that my current bike and I can wrap up, and have a fun cruise along the way.

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