Testing and minor mods

Although it’s warm enough today, I have some other things I need to do before I can take the bike out.  But because Massachusetts is strange and Patriot’s Day is an actual holiday for many, including me, I may have an opportunity for a longer ride tomorrow.  I have taken a few short rides after work in the past week, though, still rebuilding my confidence in the bike after its Cape Cod breakdown.  I’ve also inquired on the IPCRC group to see if anyone would be willing to sell me a replacement starter relay switch wiring harness from a parts bike.  Though my slightly melted one is working, I’d rather replace it if I can do so without replacing the entire wiring harness for the bike.  It would be easy enough to cut the old one off and solder the replacement on.

gotaprsMeanwhile, I added a new decoration to the back of the bike. I ordered it from RG Custom Signs, who sells some extremely affordable ham radio related decals. I also got my KJ1H decal for the original trunk of the Silverwing from here. It’ll be interesting to see if other hams on the road recognize this and react accordingly, with friendly waves or greetings in Morse code tooted on the horn and such. (Not that many hams use Morse code anymore – I remain fluent – but that’s another rant better suited for a radio blog.)

I also put some Amazon gift cards I received to good use and ordered a brake light flasher module. I intend to wire this into the the trunk lights only, since they’re LED and also higher and more visible than the stock brake lights. It’ll also be much easier to hook up because I installed that wiring myself, and I already know what wire does what.  If, at some point, I’m informed by law enforcement that this isn’t legal somewhere I happen to be riding (I don’t know of anywhere I’d go where this is the case, but I could be wrong, and so could the officer who stops me), the solution is as simple as unplugging the top trunk lights on the spot to hopefully avoid a ticket. This is also how I’d handle getting stopped for red, rather than amber, turn signals, since the stock amber ones still work as well.  I prioritize visibility and safety over following the exact letter of the law, and so far I’ve had absolutely no issues with the additional turn signals in my trunk.

So I have some minor projects in progress, and I’m taking some time to make sure the bike won’t leave me stranded again. Soon I’m hoping to start taking some trips further away from home, starting with day trips and then expanding to longer ones.

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