My brake light flasher module arrived earlier than expected on Monday, so I took the opportunity to install it. I connected it only to the top trunk lights. They are LED, unlike the stock lights, and though many speeds and durations are available by adjusting two screws on the module, I wanted a very fast flicker for about half a second before going steady on for as long as I hold the brake down, much faster than incandescents can handle. Also, my top trunk wiring is very accessible, since I installed it myself.

I spliced the ground wire (white? Really?) into the existing connection. Then I removed my existing brake light wire connection and spliced the module’s “in” and “out” wires accordingly. It’s really that simple. I turned on the ignition and it worked perfectly, with a nice slow flash about seven times before staying on. Although they claim this is for LEDs only, the slower speeds would work perfectly for incandescent bulbs. Then it was simply a matter of twiddling the screws until I got the kind of flash I wanted. I’ll post a video once I figure out how to set up a camera over there and squeeze the brake over here at the same time.

Is this legal? Should be, but there’s always the chance I’ll ride into someplace where it isn’t, or that some cop either doesn’t know the law or is out to get me. That’s one more reason I piped this only to the trunk lights – if such a misunderstanding occurs, I can offer to unplug my trunk lights, on the spot, leaving only the unmodified, 100% legal factory lighting and hopefully avoid a ticket. Even if I’m right and they’re wrong, tickets are a pain to fight. Been there, done that.

Now I just need to mount the flasher module somewhere, and tidy up an occasional loose connection I found after a test ride. Aside from maybe a short after work cruise, I won’t be riding much for the next week or so due to me heading out to the rally in New York. Last I heard the Jeep we’re supposed to be using for sweep didn’t have an engine yet, so there’s a remote possibility we’d use my car instead, which prevents me from taking the bike.

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