Solenoid swap

My wish came true – the replacement starter solenoid arrived today. Even better, when I test fit my last remaining spade connector onto one of the solenoid’s terminals, it fit perfectly. So after a trip to Radio Shack to pick up some more connectors, I pulled off the seat once again and replaced the solenoid. I cut off the somewhat melted wiring harness and crimped a spade connector onto each wire (or, in the case of the two green wires, I put one connector onto both of them, just like the original plug).  Then I carefully plugged each wire into the correct terminal where it was in the original harness. I got insulated spade connectors, and was pleasantly surprised to see how well they all fit together. There’s no room to spare, but there’s also no exposed metal at all, and the rubber cap on the wiring harness slides right down on top of everything. I don’t have to cover it with electrical tape after all. Even better, the bike started and ran on the first try.

After reinstalling the ham radio for APRS, I took myself out for a ride. Everything worked fine. Toward the end, I was inspired to hop on the highway for a quick romp rather than stick to the back roads.  My bad connection has occurred twice, each time after a romp on the highway, so I reproduced the conditions that caused the problem. After letting it sit for an hour or two, like I did the other night, I went back out and tried to start it up again. It worked. I’m rather optimistic that the problem is fixed.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day like today. I have no plans, unlike the next couple of weekends. I think it’s time for Cape Cod, really this time.

(Oh, and as an administrative note, I ponied up a couple of bucks to give this blog its own domain. You can find it at

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