Quick trip musings

The long weekend snuck up on me. I’m working every day during the week now and trying not to take too much time off while I have the hours and the money is good, so this is an opportunity for a weekend road trip. Unfortunately I haven’t put enough thought into figuring out where I want to go, so I don’t have a plan yet.

The biggest problem is that being Memorial Day weekend, many places I’d like to go will be mobbed, which is far less fun. Mt. Washington, the NH lakes region, and the Kank are out because of this. Maine is out because thanks to tourist traffic, you can’t get there from here. That leaves VT and NY as decent options if I plan accordingly.

This seemed a good opportunity to stay at Hostel Tevere again as I passed through, except they’re closed for the spring. So I’m looking for alternatives in VT or eastern NY. I’d still like to check out Ft. Ticonderoga sometime, and that could be a destination this weekend – especially if I can stay somewhere nearby – but, again, it could be mobbed by tourists.

I’m not sure what to do yet. I know I want to start doing more than day trips. And I know I’ve got a great bike for it. I just need to figure out where to go and where to stay. I don’t have any small, lightweight camping gear at the moment, which would expand my cheap options a bit. But that’s also big and bulky to carry with me. I do have a decent sized bike, though. If not for this weekend, it may be worth considering, and definitely worth seeing what’s out there.

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