Too Many People

After pondering several additional possibilities, I’ve given up on an overnight trip this weekend. Because Memorial Day weekend is such a popular excursion time, everybody’s doing it. Everything is already reserved – my fault for not thinking of this sooner. Everything is also more expensive than usual. Even camping is pricy – the cheapest I could find was $60/night, or $30 with a two night minimum, which is the same thing. I could stay in a motel one night for $90-100. When did camping get so expensive?

So I’ll probably just do a day trip instead. I have a route I mostly haven’t done before through CT and MA. I’ve also pondered going to the Royal’s Car Show at Lime Rock Park on Sunday. There’s a motorcycle category, and they’re encouraging people to bring out whatever they have. A rare PC800 like mine (they only made about 500 in 1998) would be worth showing off. But that would be a day of showing, not riding, and with nowhere local to stay it would be a very early and possibly cold start to the day. If I want two days of bike related stuff, I could do the show, and take a day trip somewhere else on Saturday. It costs a lot less to sleep at home and to ride out there than to stay out there. If I’d thought further ahead, I could’ve planned the weekend to camp at the track, but I’m not prepared for motorcycle camping yet.

Though I’m looking to try it. Not this weekend – too many people doing the same thing – but possibly soon. I replaced the missing stakes and got a different sized bag for my girlfriend’s small tent that I’ve used before. Sometime soon I may try an overnight camping trip on the bike, for the sake of trying overnight camping on the bike rather some grand adventure somewhere. That way, if it doesn’t go well, home isn’t far away. If it does, I can consider the option for future trips.

Speaking of which, with July 4 on a Thursday this year, that creates a 4-day weekend with only one day off work, and possibly none if they close the office. My possible Cabot Trail trip is four days, so that may be my opportunity. Irony – celebrating Independence Day by leaving the U.S. I should try the camping option soon, since that would open some possibilities for places to stay on that trip. Also, if I stay in the same place the nights before and after riding the trail, I can do it relatively unloaded, without the tent and baggage and all that.

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2 thoughts on “Too Many People

  1. How does it cost $60 a night to go camping???

    The year is still young, and I’ve only been on three camping trips so far in 2013, but the grand total for them is $0.00. Aren’t there national forests out there?

    • Justin Hughes

      Highway robbery, that’s what $60 a night is!

      Most of my problem is that I’m doing this too late. I could’ve found better deals if I looked earlier. I’m also not ready to try camping from the bike, since I only started seriously considering it recently. And between work and routine tornado warnings every day (in Massachusetts???) I won’t have time to adequately prepare even for “stealth” camping before this weekend.

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