I didn’t get the bike covered Sunday night due to the hot exhaust. Monday morning it was covered in dew, so covering it while wet was a bad idea. Then it rained. And rained. It stopped raining and dried out Tuesday afternoon, but literally as I turned onto my street on my way home from work the sky opened up, and everything was soaked when I got home two minutes later.

Finally, yesterday the weather cleared briefly (it’s raining yet again now), so I tried to go for a ride. The clutch wouldn’t disengage again. I added fluid and pumped like a madman, but this time it didn’t help. I can’t get it working again.

Given that the puddle is under the center of the bike, not dribbling all over my bodywork from the handlebars, it looks like either a hose or the Slavs cylinder, which looks like a big job. I think I’m going to punt and have the shop fix it. Partly it’s because I have more money than time these days. Partly it’s because I want it done right, especially if I’m going to Canada next month. I can’t be stranded there because I didn’t repair it properly myself.

Fortunately a friend is willing to let me borrow a trailer, so I don’t need to rent one. Assuming it’s free Saturday, I’ll tow it to the shop and let them fix it. I’ll see how much bodywork I can pull off the bike first so they don’t have to.

Annoying, but stuff happens. At least it did this at home without stranding me anywhere. I haven’t made my Canada plans yet, but I’m not going to cancel at this point. I hope that wont be necessary.

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