Back in the Saddle

It feels good to be back on the bike again. I got it back from the shop today. Though I correctly diagnosed a bad slave cylinder, they rebuilt both that and the master cylinder, which apparently wasn’t building pressure. This may be why even though I was losing fluid through the slave cylinder for a little while, it still worked, until the master cylinder also failed. And I got the oil change I was probably due for, and asked them to do while they had it. The end result is a clutch that feels crisper and more precise than it has since I’ve owned the bike, and no more slipping, either, as a nice side effect.  I don’t know if the clutch was slipping because of the hydraulic failures, or because of the oil it was running, but I couldn’t reproduce the clutch slip issue even when I tried my ham fisted best to find where the limit was.  Bonus.

20130625-221604.jpgIt’s been quite hot and humid this week, and while the short ride home was nice, I didn’t feel like going back out again.  Additionally, I hurt my left foot at the live action roleplaying game I helped run last weekend, and I use pretty much the part of my foot that got hurt to upshift.  That wasn’t my biggest issue, though – my issue was that my nice fitting boots were actually too tight on my swollen left foot, so it hurt a bit when I got home.  Tonight, I tried on my old boots, which lace up and are well broken in, and I could make them fit loosely enough to not put pressure on the foot, so I went for an hour ride around my loop through Carlisle, Bedford, and Concord. As long as I upshifted with a different part of my foot, slowly, I was OK, and with reduced nighttime visibility I was just out to cruise, not bomb through the twisties. It was good.

My next project is to repair some of the plastic bodywork on the left side of the fairing, which cracked and was damaged by brake fluid overflows when I refilled the clutch reservoir. I wiped up as much as I could at the time, but some must’ve stayed in the nooks and crannies, and weakened them enough to break. Fortunately, almost none of the damage is visible from the outside of the bike once all the bodywork is assembled, so I can try to glue or epoxy the broken bits back together internally and make everything fit together properly again. Since I have a lot of time on my hands these days, I’ll take a break from getting the job search rolling tomorrow to get this done.

I’ve also been hatching plans for a multiple day cruise around Maine, staying with a friend to reduce costs and how much cargo I need to bring. In fact, I may even take a day’s loop I thought about doing while I lived there but never got around to, crossing over into Quebec for a little while. That way, despite being a completely different trip, I still get to ride in Canada for the first time. Not for too long, though – a follow-up trip will definitely be in order.

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