Pulled the Trigger

After planning a lot of routes, crunching a lot of numbers, and confirming availability at all of my intended destinations, I reserved them. I’m going to do it. By the end of this week I’ll be riding the Cabot Trail.

Sadly, the GPS updates (including maps of Canada) did not help my TomTom figure out that Route 2 and I-190 are, indeed, highways, and when I say it should avoid highways, it should avoid them.  Oh well.

I’ve been getting my paperwork together – printouts of my routes, reservation confirmations of the campgrounds, addresses, etc. – in case of technology failure, as well as to hopefully ease my border crossing. I’ve only ever been to Canada once, pre-9/11, before I needed a passport. (I have one now, and yes, I’m bringing it.) Laundry is in progress to ensure enough clothing for the trip, and when I get back. And after the New York trip, even though I’m not much of a swimmer I’m bringing stuff for swimming. Everywhere I’m staying has a beach, and if it’s as muggy as it has been, I’ll probably be wanting to take a quick dip when I get where I’m going.

I’m planning about a day to ride the entire Cabot Trail. I’ll be staying two nights in Baddack, NS, which is right along the Trail, and I’ll be able to ride it unencumbered by camping equipment. It’s less than 200 miles and 5 hours of riding, but I’ll be wanting to make plenty of stops along the ways, to admire the scenery and to check out a museum or two.

It’s a whirlwind tour, but I spent the better part of the afternoon researching and planning, and I think this should work out.  Most importantly, though, is the timing.  I’m not going to make much job hunting progress during the week of July 4 anyway, nor are a lot of people going to be at work this week to look at resumes.  That won’t be the case again until Labor Day, and by then I’ll either have a job or be elbow deep in job hunting, applications, and hopefully interviews.  This is my chance to take an adventure, and what could end up being my only long ride this year.

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