“…And I’m Spent.”

That’s what my back tire told me this morning. I walked out to the bike this morning to get something out of the trunk, and I noticed a small, circular, light colored area on the back tire. From my years of car racing, I know a corded tire immediately when I see one. I got what I went out to the bike for, then put the cover on, despite the end of the rainy streak we’ve been having lately. The only place the bike is going is directly to the shop for a new tire.

It came with Metzler ME880 Marathon tires, front and rear.  The PC800 takes a 140/80/15 tire in the rear – an unusual size that only comes in the ME880 and the Dunlop K555.  It didn’t take much online research to learn that people consider the Metzler a far superior tire, and my own experience on them has been very good.  They’re a bit more expensive than the Dunlops, but I decided I’d rather stick with the same tires front and rear – partly because the Metzlers are better, and partly so that I didn’t put a less grippy Dunlop on the back while I still had a grippy Metzler up front, making the bike more likely to get tail happy.

I gave Bikeworx a call, and they can get me a replacement ME880 for just a few bucks more than the best internet price I could find. So they ordered it, and I’ll have it put on Thursday morning. I won’t be off the bike for too long.

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