Still Cruising

We’ve just finished more than a week of temperatures in the 90s (touching 100 sometimes) and humidity in the 80% range, so I haven’t been out on the bike much. I have no interest in riding through a sauna if I can avoid it. But it’s cooled off, and I’m getting out again. I rode around with a friend on Sunday, and as soon as I finish my coffee I’m off to New Hampshire to pick up another friend to ride the Kancamagus Highway. It’ll be interesting to compare it to the last time I rode it on my Silverwing.

My weekends in August are already filling up, but I’m pondering spending at least a couple of days in Maine and taking some day trips there at the beginning of the month. That would be more like a greatest hits reunion tour than exploring strange new worlds. I lived in Maine for seven years, and have traveled most of the major roads there. I was a delivery driver then, and a perk of that job was discovering fun roads to make a note of and go ride on the bike later. So the plan would be to basically link up a bunch of my favorites from back then and go ride them again. Most likely I’d take a day in the Rangeley Lakes region, since it’s beautiful and there are very fun roads out there. I’d probably cross into New Hampshire briefly to loop around Umbagog Lake, an area I discovered while supporting the New England Forest Rally with ham radio communications.

So, yeah, I have some planning to do. Summer is sliding away – it’s already the end of July! But it’s also hard for me to plan too far ahead at this point. I had two job interviews yesterday, and I don’t know when I might get an offer that will take up my weekdays again, or even some weekends, if I’m in an on-call rotation. All the more reason to spend a few days in Maine sooner rather than later, I think.

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