Preparing for Maine

Wow – WordPress tells me this is my 100th post on this blog. That’s pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me and come along for the ride. It’s not over yet!

I’ve been reading Bamarider’s web site too much lately. The urge for a trip is overwhelming. So I’m going to take one, but do it on the cheap. I’m taking a three day trip to Maine, and staying with a friend for the two nights I’m there. Not only will I save money on camping, I won’t need to bring any of my camping stuff, which means I’ll only be lightly loaded for the trip up and back. I won’t notice the weight at all.

I’ll be riding from Saturday through Monday. That way I’ll skip the mad dash from Massachusetts to Maine that everybody takes Friday night, and the mad dash home on Sunday.  I hate sitting in traffic, doubly so on a bike, and there’s always a lot of traffic heading north on Friday and south on Sunday.  I’ll take an inland route through New Hampshire into southwestern Maine, meandering some twisty back roads in the hills all the way to my friend’s place. Sunday will be a day trip out to the Rangeley Lakes area. There’s a lot of fun riding and great scenery out there that I haven’t done in years since I lived in Maine. I’ll also take some roads out through Errol, NH before popping back into Maine for more twisties near Rangeley. I’ve driven those roads several times while supporting the New England Forest Rally, but I’ve never done it on a bike, so this time I’ll fix that. Then on Monday I’ll take a coastal route home, figuring that most of the tourists will be back in cubicle land and not clogging up the beaches and the roads that go to them.

I could’ve shot up to Maine first thing this morning, but I decided not to since it’s the first Friday of the month, and a group of old friends of mine get together each first Friday evening to hang out. The couple who hosts these gatherings ride, and it’s a travesty that we haven’t gone out riding together more. He recently picked up a Harley ex-cop bike, and handed his old metric cruiser down to his wife who’s learning to ride. The forecast is looking clear for today (a complete about-face from what they were saying yesterday), so I’ll take the bike down. It’s easier to park, and I don’t think they’ve seen my PC800 yet. We should be able to split away from the group to go check out each other’s rides and talk bikes for a little while.

My decision worked out for another reason, too. I got a call this morning about a job they’re in a real hurry to fill. I have an interview this afternoon and they asked if I could start on Monday. I didn’t want to cut my Maine trip short, especially if I was about to get a job and have an income again, but said I could start Tuesday if they hire me. It’s just as well I stuck around today to be available for that! The new job would also put an end to any trips longer than a weekend for the rest of the season, since it’s not easy or smart to take a bunch of time off right when you start a job, but I could still plan some more weekend trips. That’s partly why I splurged on the Cape Breton Island ride – I knew I wouldn’t have an opportunity to take more time off after starting work again.

Unfortunately this interview has meant I’m focusing on that instead of packing for Maine (and writing a quick post here as a distraction to relax), but that’s OK. I won’t need to pack much for Maine since I’m not camping.

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