From Touring To Commuting

Suddenly, my motorcycle usage has drastically changed. With non-motorcycle related plans the past couple of weekends, I haven’t been getting out for even day trips, which is kind of sad considering that it’s August and the weather has been mostly wonderful. But I have been riding – quite a bit, in fact.

My last job was in Boston. I refuse to ride, or even drive into Boston. I hate traffic. So I took the commuter rail to work. I’m one mile from the nearest station and three from the next. There is no motorcycle specific parking, and no discount on the fees for parking a bike rather than a car. It wasn’t worth gearing up for such a short ride. The job before that, I got to use the bike some, but it was all superslab, and during high traffic times of day. I also never knew if I was going to have to transport desktop computers or even bigger items from the office to client sites or back.  So though I commuted by motorcycle a few times at that job, I could never do so regularly because I never knew where I was going until I was already there.

My new job is a mostly pleasant half hour trip from home. I could take Route 2, but it’s a parking lot, so, no. But Route 62 takes me from home nearly all the way to the office in Lexington, with a few back roads at the end to cut the corner around some busy intersections. (I discovered them when I worked in the same building for a different company 15 years ago.) It’s a tricky area to get in and out of, but I happen to have a route that works with a minimum of traffic. And I don’t have to transport any equipment. So I’ve been using my PC800 for the purpose Honda marketed it – commuting.

I’ve been enjoying having an excuse to spend an hour on the bike each day. I’ve actually been looking forward to the ride in, despite not being a morning person, and especially the bike waiting for me in the parking lot when I leave. If I go out to lunch alone (which has been rare so far), I get a little more riding in then, too. I don’t dare deviate from my known route too much. One wrong turn could dump me into the nasty parking lot that is Route 2 during commute time. It’s not as fun as exploring amazing new places I’ve never been. But it gets me to a job that will pay me the money to do such things, and I can use the bike to get there. That’s a pretty good deal.

There are also a few other bikers where I work. One of them just got back from a tour of Nova Scotia, including the Cabot Trail, and writes her own motorcycle blog. It’s a small world after all…

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