Greatest Hits Tour

I’ve booked a campsite at Mohawk Trail State Forest in a couple of weeks. I’ve been wanting to get out and do another bike camping trip before it gets too cold, yet I’m limited by the schedule of my new job, so I chose somewhere I can get to on a Friday night after work and hopefully still be able to set my tent up in daylight. That’ll give me an early start in western MA to take a loop on Saturday, and a long loop ending at home on Sunday.

As I’m sitting here wearing my Eric Clapton World Tour 2001 t-shirt, I thought of a theme for this trip – a Greatest Hits Tour. The Mohawk Trail is one of my favorite roads, and I’ll be camping right along it. I can do a loop out around Lake George, back into Vermont past Mad River Glen, and hit a few other favorites in the area along the way. Sunday I might head down to CT, where I haven’t ridden much yet but want to check out and see what’s there.  I’ll hit Lime Rock Park, which is a race track I haven’t visited in a while (I’ve driven it a few times) and explore the nice area around there a bit.  I’ll pass by the Quabbin Reservoir on my way home.  It’ll kind of be one last hurrah for my multiple day camping trips this year due to my limited time for this sort of thing.  Should be fun, especially if the wonderful weather we’ve been having continues.

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