There Will Be Video

Video’s been a hobby of mine for years, all the way back to high school. I watched enough TV growing up to get a good eye for it. My high school senior project was a video of how I planned for a week long bicycle trip of Cape Cod.  (Yes, even back then I was two wheel tripping.)  I went to college for video production, where the group I worked with in my advanced TV production class bestowed upon me the title of “Editing God.” After failing to start my own business doing motorsport video production, I’d settled on making my own racing videos from autocrosses and other events I attended. (If you’re interested, you can watch them here.)

What does this have to do with bikes? More than it used to. My battered and beaten Flip Video Ultra amazingly still works, but cameras have come a long way since then. A reader suggested I add videos to these blog posts a few months back. It’s a great suggestion. Photos of scenic views only tell part of the story, and no matter how well I write my stories of trips I take it still can’t capture the feeling of blasting through some of my favorite roads. Early Apex Productions was put out of business by small, affordable cameras that could stand up to motorsport use and be mounted just about anywhere. Why pay me to shoot video of your car on the track if you can just buy a camera and get in-car video instead? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Now that I have a steady paycheck again, I’ve splurged for the GoPro I’ve been wanting for a while.

I decided to do it now – and use the remainder of a gift card to pay for faster shipping – so that I can get it and test it in time for my Greatest Hits Tour next weekend.  It’s the perfect time, since I’ll be revisiting a few of my favorite roads from past tours, and now I’ll be able to add video of those roads.  I’ll probably create a new YouTube channel for this blog, and cross link as needed. Different things for different fans. I’m looking forward to playing with video from the bike.

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One thought on “There Will Be Video

  1. Glad to hear that! I have always felt like video is the missing link for great ride reports. I use a GoPro as well as some other tools as well. It certainly makes reliving the journey a lot more fun!

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