And There Is Video – Sort Of

I’m home safe and sound from my Greatest Hits Tour. I’ll post pics and write ups as I have time to put them together this week.  I also brought my newly acquired GoPro along for the trip, but due to me not getting the power shut off properly and what I think is extremely short battery life, I didn’t get any more than the ride out to Mohawk Trail State Park and a bit of my ride to nearby North Adams the next morning.  I’ll be getting extra batteries and a charger to fix that, but for now it means I missed a lot of great video opportunities for this trip.

So instead of a video for this particular trip, I made an intro video for my new YouTube channel, which you can find here.

If this is the sort of video I can make from a failure, I can’t wait to see what I can do when I actually get to know the camera and use it correctly!

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2 thoughts on “And There Is Video – Sort Of

  1. We’ve been down that way quite a few times. No so crazy about Route 2, but the Mohawk Trail is a great bit of pavement. Thanks for the video.

    • Justin Hughes

      The further west of home I get, the better Route 2 gets. That’s what the first part of the video was about. I prefer to stay off the superslab myself, but the days are getting shorter and I only had so much time after work to get to the park and set up camp, so I booked it out there quick.

      Glad you liked the video! Once I get a better idea how to use this camera I look forward to posting more videos of even more fun roads. The Mohawk Trail has been one of my favorites ever since I went to college in North Adams. Any bike is more fun than the ’82 Pontiac I took to school…

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