Lately a lot of people have been posting a map of places they’ve been on Facebook and such. I figured, why not. I ended up making one for everywhere I’ve been, and then another for places I’ve been on the bike. Since this is a bike blog, here’s the bike map.

bikeThat’s it – just one little corner of the U.S. and Canada.  Cape Breton Island is the farthest away from home I’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, and I only just went there a few months ago, yet compared to the rest of the map it looks like just a town or two over.  Every adventure I’ve ever written about in this blog fits inside that tiny part of the map that isn’t white.

I could interpret this in a somewhat disheartening way – that despite all I think I’ve done, it hasn’t really amounted to much of anything, and I haven’t really done any serious road trips. But then I think about all I’ve done, all I’ve written about here, and all the adventures I’ve had, just within my own little part of the world. And the truth is, I’m having fun, and to me that’s the most important part. Besides, I’ve expanded the colored areas of the map in both directions this year. Before this spring I’d never ridden a motorcycle outside of New England. So I choose to see opportunity on this map.  Pennsylvania isn’t that far away. Nor is Ontario.  I’ve been told there is some absolutely amazing riding to be had in West Virginia. Beyond that, there are the usual suspects like Skyline Drive, the Tail of the Dragon, and so on.  A lot of these places are closer than Cape Breton Island. So as we settle into winter, and my last ride of the year takes place any weekend now (if not already), I should think ahead to where I want to go next year.

As always, time and money, and especially the job that takes one and provides the other, are limiting factors for trips.  I took a week to get out to Cape Breton Island and back, and there’s plenty I wished I had time to do out there but didn’t. But there’s no harm in coming up with some possible destinations and trips of various lengths. That way, next year, when I find myself with a free long weekend or week, I can pull a trip off the shelf – or, more likely, pop it into the new GPS I plan to save up for during the winter – and take off.

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