Return to Nova Scotia?

Some great news came across my Facebook feed this morning. Ferry service between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, will resume next year from May until November. This makes Nova Scotia reachable in less than a day of travel.  I can superslab from home to Portland in around two hours. According to historical data from the old CAT ferry, it’s a five and a half hour ride to Yarmouth. It’s a day’s worth of travel but not a lot of riding, which would leave me fresh to explore the western part of Nova Scotia the following day. Yarmouth, Digby, Halifax – all are within easy striking distance from there. It would be too much for a weekend, but if I have a week, I could do all that, and go all the way back to Cape Breton Island to see some different sights than last time, and ride the Cabot Trail clockwise instead of counterclockwise. It would depend on time, though. I could do a four day trip which would essentially be two full days on mainland Nova Scotia, during which I could head to Halifax, head north, and then back to Yarmouth along the Bay of Fundy.

Who knows what I’ll end up doing. I’m just happy to hear that the ferry will be running again, taking a full day off a trip to western Nova Scotia by land.

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2 thoughts on “Return to Nova Scotia?

  1. I wish the ferry ride from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia was only 5.5 hours…we have to choose between 9 hours on the highway plus 6 hours on the ferry, or 1.5 hours on the highway plus 14 hours on the ferry. That’s the drawback of living on an island I guess! Enjoy your trip next year! 🙂

    • Justin Hughes

      Thanks! Newfoundland sounds like a wonderful place as well. I have some friends who have raced the Targa. But it’s a little tough to get to. Maybe someday I’ll make it and get properly Screeched in!

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