Covered In a Blanket…

…of snow, that is. Regretfully, I didn’t get my bike to winter storage before the snow flew. Worse, I didn’t have a chance to prepare it for winter properly. I’m hoping that, at worst, I can pour some Sta-Bil in the tank and run it long enough to work its way through the entire fuel system, and that I can recharge or replace the battery.  It’s going to need a new front tire regardless – there’s tread but nowhere near as much as the new back tire, so I should see to that before any serious riding, and the air leak in the back tire. (Fortunately the sidewall is stiff and the bike isn’t sitting on a flat tire.)  Even worse, a year’s worth of sun seems to have severely weakened my cover, the top of which tore open from the weight of only a few inches of snow.  It won’t hurt the bike – it’s been wet before – but it’s annoying to have bought what I thought was a nice new cover just under a year ago and it’s already destroyed.

No more riding for me until spring, it seems, unless we get a really warm day and the roads are fairly clear of salt and sand. Hey, it could happen, and has occasionally in recent years.  But most likely, it’s over for this year.  Clearly it snuck up on me, and I miss it.  I’m in the middle of rewatching Long Way Down and reading Jupiter’s Travels, for crying out loud – I must be in withdrawl!

Time to plan for next year. This is difficult, because I’m still working as a contractor and have no idea if or what I’ll be working once riding weather returns. But I can plan a variety of trips of various lengths, and when the opportunity arises I can pull one off the shelf – or, more specifically, out of my computer files. Since my contract was just extended, I can justify keeping my eyes open for after Christmas sales on the Garmin Zumo 350LM or maybe 390LM. Then I can learn to use it by finding and programming various back road routes to try for my daily commute, because there is no good way to get to Waltham.

It’s tough to keep writing this blog regularly when it’s about a seasonal activity – at least for me – I don’t want to hear about it from those of you who have beautiful motorcycling weather year round! Ana, who’s becoming interested in riding, suggested that perhaps I can use this time to write something about how I got into motorcycles myself, and more posts geared toward newbies. I did sort of skip over the whole “how to become a motorcycle tourer” topic. I was just starting on this journey myself when I created this blog, and I didn’t really know how to do it yet, either. But now, having done a number of weekend journey’s plus a week in Canada, I can probably go back and write such articles now. It’s good to exercise the writing muscles, even when I don’t have any new journeys to write about.

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4 thoughts on “Covered In a Blanket…

  1. Winter snuck up on everyone this year…it’s been unseasonably cold here these past few weeks, and it’s looking like we’re going to have our first “white Christmas” in years. Personally I could do without that dirty white stuff!

    With regard to your battery, is it easily removed from the bike? If so, just bring it into the house and hook it to a trickle charger for the winter. I’ve used fuel stabilizer, and I’ve gone winters without fuel stabilizer. My partner has been riding for 30 years in this climate and NEVER used fuel stabilizer, so I don’t think it’s a huge deal if you don’t add any. Just my $0.02 (Canadian dollars) 😉

    I’m in the same boat that you are, I find it hard to get inspired to write when I look out the window and see nothing but white. The “how to become a motorcycle tourer” is a good idea, I may work on that one myself over the holidays.

    • Justin Hughes

      Yes, I do plan to see about removing the battery and keeping it on a charge inside. Do you suffer the bane of ethanol fuel in Newfoundland? We do here, and that’s the main reason for the fuel stabilizer – it gums up the works pretty easily. I, too, have gone through winters with no fuel treatment, but not for a long time. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Anakin Michele

    D’aww! You did follow up on my suggestion!

    My actual suggestion was going to be talking about the training class you took, and how you did on your test. *hugs*

    Love you!

    • Justin Hughes

      Patience, grasshopper! I’m getting to that. I need to stretch these out a little to keep my readers interested, and keep myself writing consistently throughout the winter. 🙂

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