“In the beginning…”

“…the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”  – Douglas Adams

Image from 2040motos.com

I don’t have a lot of memories from my early childhood, but there’s one that’s stuck in my head. For a while when I was young, my dad had a Honda motorcycle. It was bright orange, a good color for the 1970s. The color and the fact that it was a 450cc Honda of some kind are all I remember about the bike itself. I remember how my dad parked it in the back of the garage, behind our 1974 VW Super Beetle (bright yellow – another good color for the 1970s). I definitely remember the time my mom and I hopped in the VW to bring a gas can to my dad, who was waiting in a church parking lot across town. Then we followed him home, and I thought it was so cool to watch him ride his motorcycle.

The most vivid memory, though, was the time my dad sat me on the motorcycle in front of him, started it up, and took me for a few laps around our house. We went just a little faster than walking pace. We never left the yard. Helmets? Bah! It was the 1970s! I remember getting a little scared when we were about to run over the garden hose, thinking it was going to be a big bump or something, but the crossing was completely uneventful.

It was a simple thing. He probably thought nothing of it at the time other than a bit of fun, and neither did I. I never expected that the memory of that experience would remain in my head so clearly, and that one day I’d seek it out again.

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