Two Wheel Gifting

After some emails were sent, then forgotten about, then replied to at the last minute, I acquired a basically new modular helmet for Ana from a friend at a pretty good discount. It has all the features she wanted – the flip face, a visor that doesn’t constrain her peripheral vision, the retractable sun shade that makes her look like a fighter pilot… I extrapolated that since my helmet was a little too big for her, going one size down to this one would be a pretty good guess. I was right – it fits her perfectly.

Unbeknownst to me, at the same time I was arranging this transaction, Ana took, and passed, her motorcycle learner’s permit exam. I opened a card from her and there it was – her surprise for me.

Since we seem to be thinking along similar lines, we signed her up for an MSF course this spring. The way she’s talking, she’s interested not just in riding, but in joining me on my longer adventures. And technically, since it never actually sold this year, I still own my Silverwing. It’s not an ideal starter bike, in my opinion, but I already have it, so we’ll see how it goes.

One step at a time, though. Being a new rider, I’m sure we’d have to work her up the longer days and trips. I’m still amazed she’s this serious about it, especially considering that her total time on a motorcycle so far consists of a fifteen minute cruise on the back with me. We’ll see how she feels about it after the MSF course and go from there.

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