Happy New Year

On the last day of 2013, I received and accepted a job offer for a full time permanent position (well, as “permanent” as any job is these days). Stability, good money, paid time off – basically everything I’ve been trying to achieve since I moved back to Massachusetts from Maine in 2011. Happy New Year, indeed!

Of course, this will affect my bike trip schedule for the year. I have to earn vacation time as I go, and I think I’ll have just enough by August to attend the second week of Pennsic. No, it’s not a motorcycle event, but I missed it last year and would like to go back. That means no huge bike trips this year, though certainly some weekend trips, or longer if I plan some around holidays. By the time I earn enough vacation time after Pennsic for a longer trip, the riding season will be over. This isn’t a show stopper, though. I’ll find some interesting new places to ride. Ana has expressed interest in doing some trips with me, and since she’ll be a new rider it makes sense to start with shorter trips to work her up to longer trips, if she’s still interested after she gets a taste of it. Most importantly, I’ll still have fun even if I’m not off to far away places. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

It also means that if I don’t take any big trips other than Pennsic, I can save up my time off and hopefully use it in a big chunk in 2015 – a chunk long enough for the cross country trip I’ve dreamed of taking for most of my life. I’ve already proven to myself that I can handle a week on the bike (in another country, even), so two or three won’t be much of a stretch, especially if I plan days off the bike here and there – visiting friends, laundry, etc. It’s too far out to plan specifics, but that’s the concept forming in my head.

A short term concept is forming as well. I’ve planned some time off between this job and the new one. I need to run more calculations, but if the money is there, I’m seriously considering flying someplace warm and renting a bike for a couple of days. If I can make that work, I’ll write all about it here. And pictures. And video.

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