A Different Kind of Packing

It doesn’t feel like I’m packing for a motorcycle trip.

For one thing, I went out to my bike and took a lot of things out of it instead of loading it up. For another, I’m packing an ordinary suitcase instead of my top trunk. And for another, I’ve packed my motorcycle jacket instead of having it out and ready to wear. I would’ve packed my boots, too, except they take up so much space in the suitcase that I’ll be better off just wearing them on the plane. They go on and off very quickly, so they shouldn’t be a problem through security.  I’ve packed a bunch of camera equipment, my GPS, and all of my mounts because I have no idea which one will work on the Harley. I leave tomorrow afternoon, but I won’t even touch a motorcycle until Tuesday. And I’ve packed a couple of books. I don’t usually have time to read on my trips, but two of my four days will include airports and flying, so I expect a lot of down time even if it all goes according to plan.

But it’s happening. Weather looks good for the flights down and back. I got my 24 hour email confirmation of my flight down. Batteries are charged. I’m mostly packed, except for what I’ll need tomorrow morning. It still hasn’t really sunk in, though.

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