Another Day, Another Snowstorm

Sad motorcycle is sad.


We just got another foot of snow yesterday, with more possible this weekend. (I fixed the tarp before sundown.) It’s looking like I might have to wait until spring to do much of anything with it at this point. Though I do have to give the plow guys credit for not endangering nor excessively burying the bike, either.

Ironically, being this buried is a recent thing. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was warm enough and clear enough for me to jump start the bike and attempt a quick ride. I didn’t get very far – just around the block. The battery is completely dead, and will need replacement at the beginning of riding season. The lights flickered as a result, and the engine was running rather rough. I hope that was because of insufficient electrical power rather than gunked up carburetors. I’ll run some Seafoam through my next full tank of gas regardless. There’s also the front tire to replace. I was just going to get it through the local shop like I did with the back tire last summer, but then Kate offered to tow my bike up to her bike club shop garage thing and do it ourselves. Sweet! I’ll definitely share that experience here when we get to it. Unfortunately that’s going to take a bit of digging first.

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2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Snowstorm

  1. Brutal. We got that same storm yesterday actually. Not a lot of snow (6-8″) but then it changed to quite a bit of rain so every shovelful weighed at least 20lbs!

    I feel so bad for your bike. You’re lucky the plow operators in your city are more careful than the guys around here…

    • Justin Hughes

      We got even more snow last night, so it’s super buried now. I feel bad for the bike, too. It deserves better. I was super busy with work in November and had no time to deal with it properly, and the next thing I knew it was already buried in snow. Better luck next winter! At least your bike is safe and sound.

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