Getting there

Time marches on, and it is, in fact, March. Much of the snow has gone away, and my bike has stopped doing its Han Solo in carbonite impression.


I’m going to be a little late getting it back on the road, most likely. Due to the law and the way the dashboard lights on my Ford are wired, it unexpectedly failed inspection for inoperative antilock brakes. That alone shouldn’t fail it, by the law, but because that car also turns on the red BRAKE light on the dashboard along with the ABS light, it failed for that technicality. The diagnosis was a dead ABS module, which was going to cost a four digit figure to replace to even have a chance of passing. Being an 11 year old Ford with 160,000 miles, I decided it was time to put that money toward a replacement car instead. To make a long story slightly less long, the stars aligned, and I bought this.


It’s a brand new Subaru BRZ. I’ve been researching and pondering replacing the Ford later this year, but the inspection fiasco forced me to move much sooner than expected. The stars aligned, and I got the exact car I wanted. The downside is it took a much higher investment than I planned on – my most expensive inspection sticker ever – and I’m out of spending money until next month. That includes getting the bike ready for spring, except the battery, which is cheap and easily replaced myself. But the front tire and any other work it needs will have to wait until April.

Early April will be a big bike time, though, not only for preparing the PC800, but for Ana to take her MSF course, and to possibly revisit the Silverwing, which I technically still own. I may find myself putting both bikes back on the road – in this case, his and hers. But one step at a time.

Meanwhile, I expect I’ll be doing a lot more bike commuting this year. My new job is a 30-40 minute commute that doesn’t have much stop and go traffic – far better than my old commute to Lexington. I have a much more fun car to drive now, but I suspect I’ll commute by bike a lot more than I have since last August.

I’ve also been so busy lately that I haven’t put much thought into potential trips for this year. Some of that depends on what happens with Ana and the Silverwing. Either way I still want to take some longer weekend trips myself, both for the higher mileage I can cover than a brand new rider, and, I admit, to simply get away from it all, alone, for a couple of days. After all, that’s how it all started.

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One thought on “Getting there

  1. Elana

    Nice pic *lol*
    Let’s get that battery sorted and move on to figuring out the status of the front tire

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