First Steps

With temperatures starting to reach the 50s regularly, and with a new month to refill my bank account, it’s time to get the bike back on the road. It’s registered, insured, and inspected through May, so that’s not a problem. But since I didn’t get it put away properly last fall before the snow flew, I have to deal with the consequences of that.

Last night I pulled the tarp off and dove in. The battery is shot. When I jump started the bike last month it was very clear that the battery wasn’t doing anything to help. I removed enough plastic from the bike and a bolt to remove the battery. It’s in my car, waiting for me to get to a store to get a replacement. Once that happens it’ll go into the bike and I’ll try to fire it up. I hope I didn’t gunk up the carbs. It ran rough last month, but that could be because of the poor electrical power. I hope it was, because a battery will fix that. I have no problem running a tank with Sta-Bil and/or Seafoam through it to fix a minor power loss. I hope more isn’t necessary. Beyond that, I know I’ll need a new front tire soon. Maybe I can get that and an inspection at the same time, if the bike is otherwise running OK.

On a related note, Ana is taking some first steps as well. She’s taking her MSF class this weekend. She’s very excited. I’ve loaned her my rain gear due to the high chance of rain on Saturday – it’s a good thing we’re similar shapes and sizes. Any further plans depend on whether she passes the class or not. My Silverwing is still around, but I have lot of bills right now and can’t afford to put it back on the road for her. But one step at a time.

Heck, I haven’t even planned any trips for the year yet. I plan to take some, but don’t know where yet. Again, one step at a time.

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