It’s Alive!!!

Like Dr. Frankenstein, with the proper application of electricity I brought my creature back to life yesterday. It was a bit of an adventure getting there. During my lunch break on Friday I went to Autozone in Framingham to pick up a battery. After spending more time waiting to check out than it did to drive there, I left with a battery – well, most of one. When I got home I took the appropriate plastic bits off the side of the bike and went to add acid to the battery, only to find it was missing everything except the acid and the battery itself. I could’ve finagled the nuts and bolts for the terminals, but there was no way to plug up the holes where the acid goes in, and I’d left my core at the store. I will not be returning to that particular store.

Since the bike wasn’t operational, and it was rainy Saturday morning, I went out for a drive instead. I did my Mohawk Trail / Molly Stark Trail loop in the BRZ, and had a blast. I can’t wait to get that car out on an autocross course where I can push it 100%. But this is a bike blog, not a car blog, so back to the bike. On my way west, I stopped at another Autozone in Fitchburg. They were awesome. The guy at the counter and the manager immediately focused on how to get their computer to handle the situation and swap it out for me. I got another battery in a sealed container. Yesterday I had no trouble preparing it and installing it on the bike. It was harder to start than usual, which is normal since it’s been sitting a while, but when it roared to life, it ran beautifully.  I think I dodged the bullet of gunk in the carbs.  The rear tire was flat, so I pumped it up, checked everything else, and went for a short test ride.  Everything, aside from three of the strip LEDs in my top  trunk, worked perfectly.  I have no idea why those LEDs died, but it’s no big deal.  I should still get a new front tire soon, and I’m going to try to combine that with my state inspection for one stop shopping.

This was a big motorcycle weekend for Ana as well – she took her MSF Basic Rider Course. And passed! We celebrated with a ride out to dinner together last night. Watch for a post or two from her all about it in the near future.

Soon, very soon now, morning temperatures will be warm enough for me to bundle up and start taking the bike to work. I like my shiny new car, but I also like that I now have a commute worth taking the motorcycle on, that isn’t too short to be worth it, and without a ton of standstill traffic. I just need it to get warm enough in the morning. By my standards, at least, which is about 45F minimum. I’ve already seen some bikes out there during my commute.

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