It looks like my tire issues are slightly more serious than I thought. I already mentioned that my front tire is about due for replacement. I pumped up the back tire for the ride to dinner with Ana, but before I took myself for a cruise a few nights ago it was flat again. Once again I pumped it up, but by the end of my after work ride the bike didn’t feel quite right. I can’t explain it. It didn’t feel squirrelly or anything, just – not right. So I slowed down, took it easy, and headed home. As I rolled through my parking lot I noticed that I was feeling bumps through the front tire, but not the rear. It had gone soft again during the ride. I’m glad my spider sense was tingling.

So I called Bikeworx to make an appointment – new front tire (another Metzler ME880), fix the back tire (which they just installed last summer), and an inspection while they have it. Sadly their hours overlap nearly perfectly with my work hours, and my next few Saturdays are booked, so those logistics will be interesting. I’ve at least arranged to drop if off next Thursday, when I can get a ride home afterward.

It’s getting warm enough in the mornings to start riding to work, and I want to do that. But it’s inconvenient to run the tire pump early in the morning, ride in, then pump it up again when I leave. It’s also necessary before any major trips I take. I haven’t planned any yet, and I should start thinking about that.

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