Last Thursday I brought the bike to the shop. Naturally, this caused a major temperature drop, and the coldest ride I’ve ever taken on a bike. I didn’t want to know how cold it actually was, but I’d guess around 30F – cold enough that I wore more layers than I ever have on a bike, and was super careful of any patch that looked wet, because it was probably ice. The bike almost didn’t even start, it was so cold. But I made it to work, and then to the shop after, where I left it and got a lift home.

Yesterday I rearranged my schedule to work from home and get a lift to the shop while they were open to pick it up. (Scheduling is hard when the shop hours are identical to my work hours.) All done. New front tire. Also replaced the back tire stem to fix the leak. This is the stem they installed last summer, after my Canada trip, and that had leaked ever since. It only got bad recently, but still.

They also completely redid my front brakes – new pads, resurfaced rotors, and fresh fluid. Only problem is I hadn’t asked for this, they did it without checking with me, and the whole job ended up costing me twice as much as I’d expected, during a month where I’m already strapped for money. I still need to check the inspection report to see if it was required for the sticker (which I did get), but they still should’ve called me. I would’ve postponed it till next month, since the bike was still legal until the end of May, or possibly done it myself to save some money. I’ve done brakes in cars many times, then driven them on race tracks, and lived. I’m all for good brakes – and tires, which is what brought me there in the first place – but they should’ve checked with me. At least it has a shiny new inspection sticker, and should need nothing else for a while.

Now all I need is time and weather to ride. Of course, as soon as the bike is back, it turns cold and rainy again. My next few days are filled with preparation for the Empire State Performance Rally this weekend, where I’m driving one of the sweep vehicles (no, not the BRZ). It’ll be great fun, but not at all a motorcycle’s job. And I’ve temporarily swiped the ham radio from the bike to use at rally, so no APRS for a little while. Still, I hope to at least sneak in at least a day trip sometime in the next few weeks, and start commuting on the bike – once this crazy New England weather allows me to.

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2 thoughts on “Re-tired

  1. Justin, Riding in the cold can be very challenging. Glad to hear you were suspicious of wet spots as indeed they could be black ice. Glad all went well and good to see you here. Miss talking with you about motorcycles.

    • Justin Hughes

      Good to hear from you, Pat! Thanks for keeping in touch. I haven’t planned any trips for this year yet due to my new job and having plans for what vacation time I’ll earn by August, but I hope to do a bit more traveling when I can. Hope you’re managing to have some fun as well.

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