One Thing After Another

That’s what’s been keeping me from doing much riding lately, and any tripping whatsoever. I can’t even blame loaning a friend my tent – I’ve just been too busy. Nearly all of my recent riding has been commuting, actually. It’s nice that I’ve found routes between work and home that aren’t just a massive snarl of crawling traffic. I don’t get to “indulge myself” much, but there are some fun sections. I also find it easier to deal with traffic, mostly. The bike’s small size and favorable power to weight ratio lets me squirt into small gaps in traffic that I couldn’t do in my car. I’ve had people change lanes into me, but they do that when I’m in my car anyway. “Honey badger don’t care,” apparently.

I missed this year’s Give Back Ride last Sunday due to having to take my girlfriend to the hospital (she’s OK now). I did get out for a few hours late in the day though. It was fun, but also a tease. I’m hopeful for this weekend. We’re going to a friend’s party in western MA on Saturday and staying the night, and I’m hoping we can take the bike out there and back – the long, fun way, of course. The current weather forecast looks good, so here’s hoping.

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One thought on “One Thing After Another

  1. Elana

    So of course we didn’t take the bike and the weather was perfect as anyone could have wanted. At least we made it out for the BBQ on Monday.

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