Curses! Foiled Again!

I did some more testing to see if I could figure out my lack of power issue. There’s a great web site,, that has… well… the PC800 shop manual (or at least important bits of it) online for reference. I found some relevant tests for my electrical system, found my multimeter, and went out to run them. To see if one of the two coils had gone bad, I needed to unplug the spark plug wires from the plugs and measure the resistance across them. I started on the rear cylinder and ended up removing both wires – while the caps remained firmly seated on the spark plugs. I tried to put them back together, but I had infinite resistance, so I blew it with the rear cylinder. The front wires gave way more easily, and the resistance was smack dab in the middle of the expected range.

I put it back together as best I could and started the bike. It would barely idle, but any gas at all would cause it to stall. It must be running on only the front cylinder, and that’s the cylinder that has the problems – it was the rear that actually got me home that day.  At this point, I gave up and buttoned it up before I caused even more damage.

When I had some time, I called AMA Roadside Assistance and arranged a tow. I expected the dude with the huge flatbed truck who wasn’t entirely sure how to secure a motorcycle on a truck intended for a car, like I usually got. Instead, I got Iron Horse Transport. I walked outside to find a good sized pickup truck towing an enclosed trailer with the nicest motorcycle transport setup I’d ever seen. Thom was great, and had my bike rolled in and strapped down in no time. He even had a Canyon Dancer to secure the handlebars. Before I knew what hit me, the bike was on its way.

Thom was so fast that I hadn’t even had a chance to call ahead to Central Mass Powersports to let them know it was coming. That’s when I got the bad news – they’re booked two weeks out. If the bike wasn’t already on its way to them, they would’ve turned me away completely. But after my last repair experience, I was looking for an alternative, and it’s not like I’ll be riding before it’s fixed whether it’s here or there. So it’s booked for a diagnosis on June 20 and we’ll go from there. Of course, I’d already set aside the weekend of June 21-22 for a weekend trip to the Lake George area with Elana, so unless a complete miracle occurs, I guess we’ll be taking the car instead.  Admittedly, a sports car on the roads out there should be a lot of fun, too, but it won’t be a bike trip.

Half the year gone, and I still haven’t gotten even a good full day trip, never mind any overnights or longer. I’m tempted to plan something July 4 weekend, but then everyone will be, so places to stay could be tough to find, and on top of that I have non-motorcycle plans for the following weekend, and then Pennsic in early August. I have too many commitments and not enough time to do any serious tripping for a while. I’m afraid that the next thing I know, the season will be over, and I’ll have nothing. If I want to do a cross country ride in the next couple of years, this doesn’t bode well.

But one disaster at a time. Let’s get the bike back, and see what I can do from there.

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