Third time’s a charm?

Wow. Central Mass Powersports not only had a driver on the road to pick up my bike 10 minutes after my follow up call (nothing against them for not following through yesterday – we had thunderstorms and even a couple of small tornadoes rolling through), but also – it’s done. Ready. Good to go. Again. Unfortunately, the miles on the underinflated tire did it in, so that had to get replaced as well as the valve stem. But after calling to check, they did it. I could’ve picked it up today if I wasn’t at work. As it is, I arranged to work from home tomorrow and get a ride to go fetch it over lunch.

Hopefully, I’m done with bike problems for a while. I’m almost certainly done with lingering issues from the last shop. I’ve spent way more than I should on it this month already. I just want to ride. But not too far – not yet. After all this, I have to rebuild my confidence in the bike. Fortunately, work is just 13 miles away, and even a tow from work to CMP would barely exceed my 35 mile AMA coverage. And there are a number of short loops I can do close to home before venturing out for a long, all day trip – or longer. It’ll be a while before I get out on an overnight at this point, with SCA weekend (and longer) events coming up over the next month or so.  But that’ll give me time to start trusting the bike to not leave me stranded again.

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