Little Progress

Wow, there goes another month. As usual, I haven’t done much riding. I’ve been busy most weekends, and the weather hasn’t cooperated on other weekends, or in the mornings for riding to work. But it’s a beautiful day today and supposed to be the same tomorrow, so I’m thinking I’ll take a day trip to somewhere tomorrow – something I haven’t done in two years.

For what little riding I have done, the PC800 has worked flawlessly. Today I spent a little time de-modifying it so I can put it up for sale, because while it’s running like a top is the best time to sell it if I’m going to follow through with that idea. The rest of the ham radio APRS setup is out (and I might have a buyer for it), and I removed the stickers from the trunk lid. Because it’s running so reliably is why I’m considering what could be my last major romp on it tomorrow.

The Marauder is coming along, but it probably needs a carburetor cleaning after sitting for a couple of years. I can crank it and get it running smoothly on full choke for a couple of seconds, but then it dies, and no amount of cranking is improving it. I’m considering selling the PC800 now, then using the profit from the sale to send the Marauder to the shop and get whatever it needs to be put back on the road. The timing of this decision also coincides with Massachusetts motorcycle inspections running out at the end of May, and I don’t really want the hassle of getting the PC800 inspected if I’m just about to sell it anyway.

So that’s where I am in the world of bikes. I basically just need to get off my butt and make this swap happen. But not before one last cruise.

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