Three Months Later…

Wow, I’ve been slacking around here. My other writing projects and sites have taken off so much I’ve neglected to keep up on the motorcycle front. So here’s what’s been going on.

A whole lot of nothing.

I’ve had the PC800 for sale, a few nibbles, and one serious bite, but nothing’s panned out. I haven’t had much chance to ride anyway, between work, vacation, other commitments, and really humid weather that would have me sweating my nuts off by the time I get to work – an unpleasant situation for everyone, I’m sure. I have gotten a few decent half day rides in, though, including one cut short by dodging a bunch of pop-up thunderstorms halfway through (I got home dry and unscathed), and I’ve rebuilt my confidence in this bike. Also, my friend with the Marauder’s life is going through some changes, and the reasons for him to sell it are falling away, which has led me to encourage him to keep it if he wants to start riding again. That would mean I’d keep the PC800, because why not – it’s a good bike in good condition, plus it’s already paid off and it has a title with my name on it. So we’ll see.

I’d really like to get a weekend or at least a full day trip in before the end of the season. I’m just not sure when, because life has this way of kind of sweeping me away.

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